Organic Weed Killers:

An organic weed killer is made from natural ingredients without the use of any chemicals in the ingredients and/or formula and without any of the ingredients being chemically altered. An organic weed killer can be used in any planting that has been classified as organic by USDA National Organics Program (NOP) and listed by OMRI (OMRI achieved USDA accreditation under International Organization for Standardization Guide in January 2008 - click here to read announcement).

In the past organic weed killers have been expensive and were much less effective than 
synthetic weed killers, but of course do not inject unnatural chemicals into the environment. 

Today organic weed killers go through a rigorous review process with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Registrants can obtain EPA approval indicating that all ingredients (active and inert) in a herbicide product and all uses of that weed killer meet the criteria defined in the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) National Organic Program (NOP) Rule. 

The information on the pesticide label will assist those persons certifying organic production methods, as well as consumers looking for an organic product, in knowing which 
weed killerproduct meets the requirements of the NOP Rule for use in organic agriculture or gardening.

Once products have been reviewed and approved, they are allowed to add to their label verbiage and a "logo" to announce this fact. Labeling consists of "For Organic Production" or "For Organic Gardening". This wording along with an EPA registration number will alert you to an authentic registered organic product. MAKE SURE YOU SEE SEE THESE ITEMS FOR AUTHENTICITY.