The Timothy R. McNamee Science School

donated by the Thomas P. McNamee Foundation

West Dundee, Illinois (2006-09)


In May 2006, ERS started on a landmark Oak Savanna restoration project in northern Illinois. 25 acres of forest on the outermost edges of Chicago's suburbs will become home to a science and nature center for children.

When ERS started the job, the whole property was taken over by invasive species such as buckthorn, honeysuckle, multiflora rose, and others. It was hard to even walk through the woods. But since then, the team has opened up nearly all 25 acres of woods, transforming it into a cathedral-like forest of giant Oak, Shagbark Hickory and Cherry trees. There are also some guest appearances on the property such as Beech, Sycamore, and Horse Chestnut trees.

This project will be ongoing for a couple years. This winter, the team has run controlled fires through parts of the forest and burned many of the brush piles. Seeding the burned areas has started and this next season ERS will focus on establishing many native prairie, woodland, wetland and oak savanna species.

In June 2009, the Timothy R. McNamee Science School was created. 

Pathwork, beautification, signage, maps and long-term management plans are in the planning and implementation stages.