Biological Monitoring
Biological Monitoring takes the “ecological temperature” of your land.

ERS can monitor endangered and threatened species, perform floristic quality analysis and general vegetation surveys. Our staff has also been trained in the inventory and monitoring of amphibians, birds, butterflies, damselflies, dragonflies and other macroinvertebrates, small mammals and seed banks/soils.

ERS believes in taking the time to communicate ecological principles and biological relationships with landowners. Inventory and monitoring collects “ecological intelligence.” Effective communication and customer service empowers landowners with the ecological information or intelligence to make sound management decisions.

Ecological inventory and monitoring is a crucial facet of restoration often neglected in favor of more tangible services like herbiciding and mowing. Especially when restoring remnant and intact habitats, EIM is invaluable as a biological baseline pre-restoration. We have even developed databases for our clients to assist in long-term monitoring and study.

Citizen science, especially volunteer monitoring, is a new and exciting program being encouraged by WIDNR and many non-profit environmental groups. Citizen science provides the DNR with data they do not have the resources to collect on their own. Training and oversight are important to ensure scientifically useful data. ERS has been trained by WIDNR staff and other federal and state agencies in citizen science and biological monitoring.

Contact ERS about becoming involved in local citizen science.

It takes teamwork to restore Wisconsin!